School Safety

Everyone is getting back to school, people of all ages. Just because we are getting into the new rhythm doesn’t mean we can abandon our preparedness practices! This is a great time to develop new habits, starting with school safety! There are great resources on this page aimed at the professor to the parent, from the student to the bystander. Scroll down to browse our resource list now!



Here is our latest addition! This site was suggested by a student teacher who though that this page was really helpful in getting her class started this semester!  This site features School Safety Tips, Resources, and even school equipment!







School Safety                                                         9 Tips for Effective Lockdowns

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Safety on Campus                                                 10 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe at School

safety on campus

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6 Tips for School Safety                                           17 Tips for Campus Safety

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15 Ways to stay Safe at College                            11 Ways to stay Safe at College

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5 Ways to Keep your Kids Safe at School               School Safety Resources for Educators

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