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Our favorite and most trusted source for all things medical is Dr. Ralph LaGuardia. He is the author of the best book of medicine that we have come across, The Doomsday Book of Medicine. Not only that, his site offers resources for your medical needs. He even answers your medical questions.

the doomsday book of medicineIf you have any medical question that you want directed to him, please contact us with your question! We will have your answer posted on our blog ASAP…pending some professional research, knowledge, and advice from the Doc! Want to see some of the questions that our readers had answered by Dr. Ralph? See a few examples below! Below that are a few podcasts from the good doctor. Click on the image of his site on the left for all of these sources and more! If you want a copy of the Doomsday Book of Medicine, check out his site, or check out our listing on


(How to Treat Burns)                            (How to Survive Nuclear Radiation)           (How to Deliver a Baby in an Emergency)






















The Truth about Medical Expiration Dates!




Here are three  example podcasts featuring Dr. Ralph LaGuardia

podcast 1 podcast 2


podcast 3