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What do we mean when we say Survive?

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You have Planned, you have Prepared, why? To achieve the goal: Survival. Now, Survival is just making it through the crisis, alive, unscathed more or less. The ultimate goal should be Thrival, which is comfort in your Survival, but that is another topic. Right now, your goal is to Plan, Prepare, then Survive! Your plans are in place and your have prepared them and gotten ready. Now you can put them into action when the emergency happens and the disaster strikes! With all hopes, you have planned and prepared well! The better you plan, then better you prepare, the better your chances of survival.

Note: No matter how much you plan, no matter how much you prepare, no matter what government approved sources, no matter what conspiracies you consider, no matter the amount of supplies, you still might not survive! These things can only increase your chances- but there are other factors to consider. Consider the hazards that you are facing, who you are with, and where you are when the disaster strikes, etc. What if you are on vacation? What if you are at work? What if you are in a plane? What if you are camping? What if you have a broken leg? Then What? See, all things must be taken into account when considering survival.


Here are a few more Resources about Survival!

Note: Many of the sources on the Plan page, Prepare page, and any on the Safety and Security pages, or the Natural Hazards pages can also be of great help!

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These are great documents for your preparedness purposes!

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