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What is Preparedness?

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Preparedness is the state of being prepared. This begs the question, what is preparing? What does someone do when they prepare? Let’s look at it this way. What do you do when you prepare for work. or when you prepare for school? That’s right, you get ready! You have already Planned, and now you put your plans into practice. How do you do that? If you are going to work or school, you will dress appropriately, gather your lunch, briefcase, or other necessary items, then you go to the appropriate location.

This is exactly what you do when you consider Emergency Preparedness, or Disaster Preparedness. You have already made your Plans, now you need to implement them! That could be by gathering supplies, getting survival gear, building storage, preparing and distributing evacuation information, or whatever you have determined that you need to do during your planning session. Plans are great, but it’s only concept. Preparing is when you turn your plans into reality. This is when they you are willing to put them into action by setting the stage so that you are now ready to go in the case of emergency.

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Here are Some Resources that will Help You Prepare!

Note: Many of the sources on the Plan page, and any on the Safety and Security pages, or the Natural Hazards pages can also be of great help!

Gather Emergency Supplies                                    Emergency Preparedness and You

CDC Gather Emergency Supplies CDC Emergency Preparedness and You






Emergency Preparedness and Response                Build a Kit

Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration Emergency Preparedness and Build a Kit






Basic Disaster Supplies Kit                                      Prepare for Emergencies Basic Disaster Supplies KitRed Cross Prepare For Emergencies






These are great documents for your preparedness purposes!

FEMA Are your ready pdf

FEMA Risks and Hazards A State by State Guide PDF