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What is Planning?

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Planning is when you establish, write, or by other means assemble policies, goals, principles, and procedures. In this case specifically, the planning process will have the intent to prepare you and your family for emergency or disastrous situations. This could be as simple as planning a fire escape rout in your home, stockpiling goods for extreme winter conditions and cold, or even for that society ending event. YOU are responsible for your own survival! DO NOT sit around and wait for the government to save you- they may not show up for days, even if they arrive at all!


Why Should You Plan?

Where Will You and or Your Family Go During a Disaster?

 How Will You Get Supplies?

What Will Happen to You, Your Family, or Your Assets During a Disaster?

How Many Supplies Do You Need?

Does You and or Your Family Have Enough Resources to Survive?

      What Should I Plan For?

How Will You Get In-Touch With Family, Friends, or First Responders?

     How Do I Start Planning?

Can You Survive With no Internet and no Phone and no TV and no Stores and no Cars and no. . .?


Check Out These Resources About Emergency Planning

Start Planning Today, Tomorrow Might Be Too Late!

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Make a Plan                                                              Prepare My Family for a Disaster

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Department of Homeland Security Prepare My Family for a Disaster










Family Disaster Plan                                                Your Emergency Plan

Disaster Center Family Disaster Plan

Get Prepared Your Emergency Plan










These are great documents for your planning purposes!

FEMA Are your ready pdf FEMA Risks and Hazards A State by State Guide PDF